Brand name and Caption text

Choosing Brand Name & Caption Text

Choosing a brand name and caption text involves a thoughtful process to create a unique and memorable identity for your business. Here are some tips and considerations for selecting an effective brand name and caption
Relevant to product & trendy
The success of a meme or a viral video has many factors but they have one thing which is very common and is a must. They are with the trend and they would be relevant. It will spark people’s minds if they come across a trendy name or a text and we should also not forget that it should be relevant to the product. Great brands success because they have a great name and a tag line.
Should be unique & adhere numerology
You may laugh when you see the word numerology thinking “aren’t we in the 21’st century?". Trust me everybody doesn’t think that. People have missed big orders, orders which change the fortune of their company because the customer didn’t feel right about the name. It didn’t have a great number value. Do not miss anything because of a reason like this. Also ensure that you have a name that stands out. Play safe but play different.
Choosing Domain Name
Choosing right domain is going to be first impression of your business. Since we are digital marketer we advice to choose TLDs (top level domain) which is .com .in .uk .ca like that. Please make sure not more than 15 characters of domain. Many domain registrars are available to provide domain such NameCheap, Godaddy etc., We are readily available to give free consultation to choosing right domain for your business in various factors.
Subconscious impact
It must hit them hard. It should hit them on a subconscious level. Great products have this on common, they work on your subconscious memory. It should stir a feeling or an emotion within you. Not too direct but on a subtle level. It works wonders.
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