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Creating a brand identity logo is a crucial step in establishing a visual representation of your brand. A well-designed logo helps build brand recognition and communicates the essence of your business. Here are key considerations and steps for creating a brand identity logo

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Choosing right pattern & colour

Think of a big brand. Have you ?. Now honestly tell me if you remember the logo and it’s colour. Yes, most of us would know this exactly. It had etched in our minds as they are unique and eye catching. We identify brands by their logos. So the colour, the effect it has an people should be properly taken care of . Each colour has a different emotion. The pattern must be unique and it should also make sense. Think of amazon or Fedex, you would have exactly re created their logo in your mind. That’s how your design should be for others.
People never like complicated stuffs.. They want simple but elegant things. The design should be simple such that it could easily fit in their minds but it’s not easy. Creating the simplest design is the most complicated thing in the world. As Winston Churchill once famously said to his friend " sorry i didn’t have time else i would have written a smaller letter" . Creating something simple is difficult but the impact it leaves is always huge.
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Stay open to possibilities. Look into all varieties. Check out the different feels and vibes it gives whenever looked at. Only the mind which is open to improvisation is eligible to enter the success field says almost all the success stories.
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As said earlier it should stand out. People are going to remember your brand by its logo and design. It should be simple, elegant, meaningful, eye pleasing and definitely something they haven’t hear before. It should be as unique as possible.
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