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Corporate Videos Determine Brand

Corporate videos are professionally produced videos created by businesses or organizations to communicate specific messages, promote their brand, or engage with their target audience. These videos serve various purposes, including internal communication, training, marketing, and branding.
Corporate films is especially effective to showcase the more intangible advantages of a product or service. Prospects are watching something they can relate to, something that let’s them see themselves in corporate film.

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Types of Corporate Videos

Corporate video is a wonderful way to communicate with a variety of audiences in an interesting manner. As well as being more engaging than large blocks of text it’s also far more effective in conveying key messages clearly and succinctly. Including video on a website landing page can increase lead conversions by 85% and 62% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.
Guided tours
Video guided tours can also be adapted to explain a comprehensive view of products, processes or procedures.
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Induction videos
Guided tour of work environment, company policies, country, schools and entertainment and shopping options to employees.
Corporate briefings
Rich, compelling and an engaging way which retains attention and loyalty to stake holder communications.
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Testimonials videos
Best marketing methods is to get your customers to sing your praises and ensure what’s being said is believable, we shoot it and deliver impressively
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